Saturday, February 7, 2009

Kolkata Flower Shows (PHUL MELA) 2009

iKolkata on a cheer Sunday afternoon went out to get a snippet of Kolkata Flower Shows - PHUL (Flower) MELA (Fair)! The eco-green posters looked no less beautiful than the flowers inside The Eden Gardens, not the one - the famous Cricketing Venue, but the one adjacent to it.

The other one inside the 21 acres compound of AGRI HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY OF INDIA!!!
Some of these Palms are more than 20 - 30 years old!!!

This one was spotted from the Cactus Corner!
Here Spectrum of Color Gallore!!!

Dalia with a fresh and youthful look!

Bonsai! The inset photo reveals the secret!!!

Some more from Cactus Corner! 

This one grabbed the First Prize! There's the tag, you may have already noticed!

An enterprise by Kalyani Municipality!

Even vegetables! Strictly not for SALE!!!

And a JALSA (Function).  The dance troop from Rajasthan charmed the audience at the Eden Gardens on that Sunday afternoon.
Have a great time. iKolkata comes back with a complete round up of Kolkata Book Fair.


Mizé said...

Hi Nilz.
Gorgeous flowers!
I like cactus too but I prefer the ones that bloom.
I´m not sure if I know the vegetable in the last pic, it loks like beringela.
Very interesting post, I enjoy knowing other places´ culture and scenarios, keep it up!

Nilz said...

Thanks for your visit and encouraging comments. I'll try to keep it going! Happy!!!

Mizé said...

Hi Nilz.
Caught you online...
You´re welcome!

About Tuna: Really?
Tuna is a very good fish. Here in Portugal we can find it fresh or canned with oil, olive oil, natural, etc.
I prefer it fresh but it´s a bit expensive.
If you can find it, you should try it, it´s really tasty and it´s great as apetizer, main course or in sandwiches.
Good Monday!

Kolkata said...

sending flowers to Kolkata signifies your warm wishes and love