Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Subarnalata, Again on TV

Subarnalata is the sensational novel of Asapurna Devi mirroring the middle class Bengali society during the independence/ post-independence days. On a "BANDH" day, I had the scope to keep an eye on Zee BANGLA channel. And to my surprise, I saw the commencement of a new Bengali TV serial, "Subarnalata" based on the famous novel. Fortunately, this was the first episode. So, I continued to watch it.

However, my first impression was not at all good. A dull presentation, lacking specific detailing severely. I know the story is complex and its filming may not be easy. But mistakes in production team is even visible to an apparently blind TV observer like me. It is rather odd to see the patriots chanting "BANDE MATARAM" and marching on newly constructed asphalt road. A close look will reveal that such road could not have been in existence during that period. Oops! I believe Serial-makers do not have a good appraisal of new-age Bengali audience, who are clever enough to pick-up casual work.

To go in line with the care of production team, the music is also so so. While most other contemporary Bengali TV serials have shown remarkable creativity in composing new themes to create proper environment, the first episode of Subarnalata did not have shown anything special so far as its music is concerned. It is rather boring mimicking overused freedom themes.

Costume design, an important aspect of such a time-sensitive novel, is far from expectation!

The acting, as usual, is stunning. If anyone continues to watch this show, it will be for acting alone and nothing else.
I believe Emami group would do better investing in R&D for some fairness cream rather than sponsoring such enterprise.
You guys need to work a lot to reflect the tension, passion, patriotism, conflicts and the facts - which has now become a part of history and still very much contemporary.

Best of luck for future episodes.

For readers it is recommended to read the original book, which is available in your local book store. Besides, Gopa Majumdar has translated the original novel in English version, so, you can read the English version as well.

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